Glamour jewelry made in Montreal, Canada

Canadian Christmas Jewelry Gift Guide

Montreal designer sterling silver geometric jewellery

Fine Jewelry Pieces To Surprise A Loved One

Jewelry is the perfect way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Make their holiday season extra special with handmade Canadian jewelry designed by Véronique Roy. Pick the most thoughtful gifts from these fine jewelry pieces to surprise your loved one.

Véronique Roy is known for her bold and alluring designs that combine her Canadian heritage, imagination and appreciation for women and their power to change the world.

OSEZ jewelry collection : jewelry gifts for confident, beautiful and strong women

Montreal-based jewelry designer Véronique Roy just launched the OSEZ (Dare) collection, a bolder more asservative collection, just in time for the holidays. This collection is a public declaration of the power of women and the importance of knowing how to take your place. The pieces of the Osez collection are an invitation to put yourself forward by displaying jewelry, but above all, your personality. Strong lines, representing force and round shapes and pearls, which symbolize femininity, are found in every OSEZ'S pieces. The names given to the jewels of the new collection align vigorously like those of a manifesto, courageous, authentic, dazzling, lively, audacious…

Women’s Silver Rings Handmade in Canada

Jewelry makes an excellent present for pretty much any woman in your life (and some men and non-binary folks, too). These silver rings are perfect for gift buying and that includes treating yourself. Support a Canadian designer this holiday season - you won’t have to worry about getting the gifts on time or supply chain issues!

Large Silver Rings for Women with Genuine Stones - Made in Montreal

An affordable luxury jewelry gift made in Canada

This holiday season, give the gift luxury jewelry but at a reasonable price. Some jewelry in the collection are silver with gold plating. Invest in statement pieces that have a luxury feel, quality materials and standout design without a high price tag. 

Shop the jewelry sets we have available: prices range from $64 all the way up to $150

gold ear cuff set made in Montreal, Canada

Gold Ear Cuffs

Gold plated sterling silver ear cuffs are perfect for layering with gold earrings. They are very comfortable and looks great paired with any earrings. You can even wear several on the same ear. And the best part is that you don't need to have your ears pierced!

Mini cuff earring : $24

Chunk ear cuff available in gold and silver: $38 or $44

Ear cuff set on sale for $90

Pearl Pendant and Earring Jewelry Set

From freshwater pearls to black onyx, there are many unique gifts to give here! Check out the pearl jewelry section. 

Pearl earrings and necklaces will make a great gift for Christmas 2022. Véronique Roy Jwls' pearl jewelry peices are both modern and classic and will appeal to women of all ages.

Blue Lace Agate Necklace and Earrings

Fine jewelry pieces are not just about diamonds and gold. For those with smaller budgets, there are many great options that may surprise you, like natural stones and freshwater pearls.

The blue lace agate jewelry collection was designed to have multiple pieces: rings, earrings and pendants. We recommend you to pair the Aegir silver pendant and the Dione earrings or opt for the blue lace agate set.

Simple Blue lace agate earrings and necklace set in Sterling silver-Canada
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Merci ! Thank you for supporting a Canadian Jewelry designer's work this Christmas