Véronique Roy Jwls is celebrating 11 years, and today I find myself reflecting on the incredible journey that this handmade jewelry venture has taken since its inception in 2013.

When I started, I would have never imagined going this far. I hoped for it, that's for sure, but I didn't know what to expect. I've learned so much since 2013, about myself and entrepreneurship. Let me tell you, it's been quite an adventure. But as I've always loved adventure, maybe that's why, unknowingly, I chose to start my jewelry business.


An accidental journey

The adventure of Véronique Roy Jwls began somewhat accidentally, following a significant event in my life in 2007.

A car accident left me with a fractured neck, paving the way for a period of recovery during which jewelry creation slowly asserted itself as a passion. This activity became a means to develop my creativity and explore new possibilities through the necklaces and earrings I crafted.


The Debut Of Veronique Roy Jwls

Since graduating from jewelry school in 2012, my journey as an independent jeweler has undergone significant evolution. Even before making it my profession, I was never drawn to the classic jewelry worn by my mother and grandmother. As a teenager and young adult, I preferred adorning myself with jewelry from India or Tibet – more imposing and original pieces that resonated with my creative spirit.

Delving deep into my roots as a graphic designer, my enriching years of travel through Asia, Africa, and Oceania have infused a vibrant essence into the creation of my jewelry brand. Strongly influenced by my adventures through distant lands, steeped in diverse cultures, I have shaped jewelry that reflects my passionate love for design, architecture, and forms.

This exploration through varied horizons has given birth to jewelry that embodies not only my personal aesthetic but also a unique fusion of styles inspired by far-off continents. Thus, Véronique Roy Jwls has blossomed into a tangible expression of my deep connection with the world, becoming an authentic representation of a modern, sincere, and self-assured woman.


Celebrating 11 Years Of Creation

Today, I celebrate 11 years of my business with an explosion of creativity. I have designed 11 unique and unprecedented pieces, representing not only the anniversary of Véronique Roy Jwls but also my fervent passion for creation. For me, creation symbolizes progress, renewal, and a constant push of one's limits. That's why I wanted to mark this anniversary with creations that embody this audacious spirit.

To add to the celebration, I want to share this joy with you by offering surprises during the 11 days of festivities, stay tuned for the details!


Thank You For Following Me On This Adventure

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each of you who has been part of this incredible adventure over the years. Your support and passion for my creations have been a constant source of inspiration.

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