Montreal Artisan Jewelry: Custom Jewelry and Solid Gold Creations by Véronique Roy Jwls

Welcome to Véronique Roy Jwls, your go-to destination for custom-made jewelry that reflects your unique style and special moments. Our professional jeweler, with 11 years of expertise, is passionate about creating personalized pieces that captivate and enchant.

Véronique Roy Jwls: Expertise and Passion

With over 11 years of expertise, Véronique Roy is passionate about creating personalized pieces that captivate and enchant. Each custom piece is a collaborative journey, designed with meticulous attention to detail to ensure it truly reflects your style and personality.

By choosing to create your custom piece with Véronique Roy, you benefit from the expertise of a creative professional passionate about jewelry design. With 11 years of experience, Véronique makes it a point to listen carefully to her clients to create pieces that truly reflect them.

A custom piece at Véronique Roy Jwls is not just jewelry; it's the jewelry of your dreams, designed from A to Z in collaboration with you. Véronique guides you through the process, ensuring that every detail aligns perfectly with your desires.

Véronique Roy Jwls Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

Before our meeting, we aim to tailor your experience by understanding your preferences and ideas. Kindly complete this brief questionnaire to assist us in creating the perfect piece for you.

Type of Jewelry:

  • Engagement Ring
  • Wedding Band/Ring
  • Everyday Ring
  • Earrings
  • Bracelet
  • Wedding or Special Event Jewelry
  • And more.

Preferred Material:

  • Solid gold
  • Silver
  • Gemstones, what colour?
  • Diamonds
  • Pearls
  • No Stones

Budget Range:

Kindly specify your budget for the project (e.g., $400-600, $600-1000, $1000-1500, $2500-5000, etc.).

Preferred Jewelry Style:

Please provide 2-3 images of jewelry that you like to help us understand your aesthetic.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions before our apointement so we can discuss them together.

These details will enable us to customize the creation of your bespoke jewelry during our meeting. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring your unique vision to life.

How It Works: Custom Jewelry Design in Montreal

  1. Schedule a Meeting: Book an online or in-person appointment using the calendar below, or contact Véronique via email to discuss your project at:
  2. Custom Design: Once we understand your preferences, Véronique will craft personalized sketches for your approval.
  3. Project Kick-off: Upon sketch approval, a 50% initial payment will initiate the project.
  4. Finalization: After incorporating your feedback, the final 50% payment is requested upon sketch approval.

Contact Us to Begin Your Custom Jewelry Journey

Ready to embark on your bespoke jewelry experience? Book your appointment below or contact Véronique's team via email at, or via the contact form.

Share your inspirations and ideas with us for your custom piece by email before your appointment.

Véronique Roy Jwls is dedicated to transforming your dreams into extraordinary artisan jewelry. Let's create something truly exceptional together!

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