About Veronique Roy Jwls


Véronique Roy JWLS is a minimalist and contemporary jewelry brand created in 2012 in Montreal by Véronique Roy, designer and jeweller. Her collections are entirely made by hand with precious metals and natural stones. Veronique chooses her gemstones carefully to keep harmony and balance between shapes, colours and textures.

"I choose my stones and pearls for their beauty, uniqueness, colour, or shapes. I am always very excited when I get new ones. I am like a child in a candy store. I see all the possibilities of creation, and I can wait to start designing with them".

Véronique Roy wants to create unique jewelry that makes us feel strong and beautiful. Graduated from the École de Joaillerie de Montréal. She uses her studies in graphic design and her love for jewelry making to create sleek and contemporary jewelry pieces. Concerned about the quality and durability of her products, both in design and style, she designs solid silver jewelry with a simple, elegant and graphic touch.

A determined and creative woman, she describes her work with a lot of passion.
"I am first and foremost a design fan. I always look at the shapes and textures around me, in architecture, urban landscape, industrial design, to see what it can awaken in my creativity. I use jewelry to create wearable design objects. "

"The jewelry we wear speaks of our personality. It tells whether we want to be seen or not, feel feminine, express ourselves. It can also have a strong signification for the wearer, a token of love, or a gift from someone precious in our life. Jewels take 1000 facets, but it is always personal. It speaks of us. "