Ve jewelry becomes Veronique Roy Jwls

Ve jewelry is now Véronique Roy Jwls. Véronique has chosen to add her name to her jewelry brand to position herself as a jewelry designer and jeweller. She wishes to make the artisan behind the creations visible and highlight the handcrafted work in jewelry production by including her name. Veronique chose to add Jwls to her name to emphasize the modern and contemporary side of the brand.


New logo and branding for Veronique Roy Jwls

Not only the name but our whole brand image changed. Veronique wanted to work with her well-known Ve logo to create the new Veronique Roy Jwls one. The architectural lines that she loves so much inspired this logo and the whole branding. The colours she chose are much stronger to match the brand's will to make jewelry for women to feel strong and confident. This new image perfectly represents Veronique Roy Jwls, and we hope you will like it!