Freedom of expression, freedom to be yourself, to be who you really are. Véronique Roy Jwls launches her new collection of minimalist sterling silver jewelry in this spirit.


This collection is for women who want to celebrate their joie de vivre and accentuate their unique beauty. What could be more authentic than expressing gratitude for the freedom to experience our diversity and be safe in today's world? 


Freedom according to Véronique Roy Jwls

With the new LIBRE collection, Véronique Roy wishes to share her company's values, namely open-mindedness, independence, and curiosity. The designer constantly reinvent and renew herself by using jewelry as an artistic medium. 


This desire for exploration applies as much to discovering others and their personalities as to the details that make their beauty a unique amalgam. 


This curiosity is expressed in the theme of travel and the new creative opportunities this creates. In addition, to create the forms presented in the collection, the designer was inspired by nature, architecture and femininity.


On Quebec's roads


LIBRE is the result of a thirst for freedom, discovery and renewal. To express this need for travel, Véronique draws inspiration from road trips on the roads of Quebec by attributing the name of a Quebec city to each piece in the collection. 


The theme of travel is expressed in connection with local economic values. We encourage our artists and designers to express their creativity by buying locally. In exchange, they offer us original, unique products that make us feel lucky to have them.


Among the cities mentioned, we find Sherbrooke, the birthplace of the jeweller, as well as Montreal, her adopted city. But Véronique also honours cities that she has not yet had the chance to explore, such as Cap-Chat or Alma. 


Quebecers have always been good brand ambassadors. They have also shown great support since the start of the pandemic. So giving Quebec names to this collection is a way for Véronique to express her gratitude. 




The Carnelian stone has been used in jewelry since Antiquity. Archaeologists have found these red and orange stones on a queen's headdress in Mesopotamia.


In addition to its beauty, Carnelian is known to reduce bleeding and menstrual symptoms. Furthermore, it is supposed to bring confidence and courage to those who wear it. It was therefore ideal as the natural stone used for the LIBRE collection.


The LIBRE collection will launch on April 7 at 8 p.m.

Véronique Roy Jwls' new spring collection launch will take place live on Facebook on April 7, 2022, at 8 p.m. You will discover the latest products and ask your questions to the jeweller about her inspirations and her creative process.



From April 7 to 21, 2022, take advantage of a 15% discount on the LIBRE collection's necklaces, rings, and earrings. This is an opportunity to buy your gifts for Mother's Day or treat yourself to a jewel for the new season.