Handcrafted Gemstone Jewellery

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Carnelian earrings - Carnelian jewelry Canada

Carnelian Jewelry Made in Canada

Radiant, warm, and captivating, Carnelian jewelry holds a special place in the world of gemstones. With its vibrant hues and distinct properties, Carnelian has been treasured throughout history. Veronique Roy... Read More

Green Aventurine Jewelry by Montreal Designer Veronique Roy Jwls

Montreal-based designer Véronique Roy Jwls creates handmade jewelry featuring green aventurine stones that are both beautiful and full of meaning. Green aventurine is known for its unique green color and...
Aventurine earrings and necklace
Carnelian Jewelry Canada

Explore the World of Unusual Gemstone Jewelry

At Véronique Roy Jwls, we have a profound appreciation for gemstones, which inspire our original handmade natural stone jewelry designs. Each gemstone is meticulously chosen for its captivating colours, subtle... Read More