10 years of the Veronique Roy Jwls brand means 15 collections designed, assembled, and polished here in Quebec. It's a festive occasion to highlight that Quebec's expertise in jewelry is real and that the arts and crafts are more alive than ever.

Since graduating from jewelry school in 2012, my journey as an independent jeweller has significantly evolved. Even before making it my profession, I never liked the classic jewelry my mother and grandmother wore. As a teenager and young adult, I mainly wore imports from India or Tibet - large metal jewelry that corresponded more to my creative spirit.

Drawing inspiration from my graphic design, architecture, and geometry background, I created a jewelry brand that reflects me: a modern, sincere, and confident woman.

An accidental journey

Although my grandmother had boxes filled with uncut agates and semi-precious stones that I used to play with as a child, creating jewelry happened to me by chance.

In 2007, I had a serious car accident. A driver hit the car I was a passenger in, and we went flying to land on the side where I was seated—the result: a broken neck.

Yes, it's possible to survive such an accident, but the road to recovery is long.

During my recovery period, I had little physical strength to do activities. So a small room in my apartment slowly transformed into an unofficial jewelry-making workshop. Gradually, this activity became a game that allowed me to develop my creativity and passion. New possibilities opened up to me through the necklaces and earrings I created.

Creating jewelry remains a special moment for me.


Veronique Roy Jwls' first collection

My first official collection, Structure, was born from a pair of earrings created during the Objectif Design course at jewelry school in 2013. Under the triangle theme, the pieces in this collection have right angles. The triangles combine to create unique geometric shapes, and asymmetry is emphasized.

This collection was a great success and made me known in boutiques in Quebec and Ontario.  


New solid gold jewelry in the upcoming collection

A lot has happened in 10 years of my career! I am currently working on the 16th collection of Véronique Roy Jwls, scheduled for release in the fall of 2023.
By popular demand, this new collection will feature solid gold jewelry - a noble and precious material that my clients have long requested. This range of jewelry will be the most timeless, durable, and luxurious of all my creations.

Also, during the year, 9 new models will be added to the OSEZ collection.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for celebrating these 10 years with me and being part of my client base year after year.

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