To dare is not just skydiving or proposing to your special someone. It is, above all, to assert ourselves in all our authenticity and uniqueness daily, even when others make us doubt.

In this spirit, I am launching my new collection of sterling silver and natural stone jewelry, entirely handmade in Quebec.


A revival of the Montreal brand

Since 2012, I have been creating minimalist jewelry in my studio located in the Centre-Sud district of Montreal. In 10 years, my company has evolved, transformed, and passed through all the challenges of the entrepreneurial world. I can now say with confidence that my brand is here to stay.

So I wanted to create a more assertive, bolder collection aligned with the vision I have for my business.

Playing with larger pieces than usual makes me feel like it's not just my jewelry taking up more space but myself too.


Names like a manifesto

Courageous, authentic, dazzling, lively, audacious… The names given to the jewels of the new collection align vigorously like those of a manifesto. It is a public declaration of the power of women and the importance of knowing how to take your place. The pieces of the Osez collection are an invitation to put yourself forward by displaying jewelry, but above all, your personality.

It is time to appropriate qualities such as courage, bravery, intensity and the spirit of adventure.


A bold choice of natural stones

In addition to sterling silver and gold-plated silver for this collection, I have chosen to include two contrasting natural stones: serpentine and strawberry quartz.

Slightly mottled green in colour, serpentine is a stone used in jewelry since ancient Egypt. At the time, it was used to protect against snake bites and to cure poisons. So obviously, its colour is reminiscent of the snakes' scales that earned it its name.

Strawberry quartz also takes its name from its appearance, reminiscent of a strawberry. Its speckled pink colour varies from one stone to another, making each jewel a totally unique piece. One of the properties of this quartz would also be to help those who wear it to get out of their comfort zone.

Using complementary coloured stones in the colour wheel, I created jewelry that stands out and grabs attention. Because you deserve to be looked at.